Greg Orrom Swan is an artist and designer, currently tutoring at LCC, University of the Arts London and graduating from MA Information Experience Design (IED) at the Royal College of Art, London, in 2018.


Fascinated by biology, geology, and chemistry, his work explores the links between things, the interconnectedness of complex systems, and the nuances of norms or minutiae—deconstructing them, and looking at the constituent parts together, as parts of a whole. He applies a molecular gaze, aiming to highlight how humans are not separate from the living world, but both distinct and similar to the nonhuman parts of our world. This poetic and conceptual space allows him to attempt to communicate the often strange and lurid connections between the different assemblages of humans and nonhumans, highlighting our shared ancestry, minerality, and elementality.


Having previously exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, NY, London Design Festival, and at symposiums such as State Festival, Berlin, and Hello Tomorrow, Paris, Orrom Swan has been shorvtlisted for the BioDesign Challenge 2017, and the Bio Art & Design Award 2017. For the past three years, and until recently he co-founded the bio-technology research start-up Olombria, which looked at future pollination systems using natural chemical signalling and pollinating hoverflies to supplement declining bee populations, throughout working alongside scientists, researchers, and engineers.


Read an article from CLOT Magazine on his work here.





Selected Exhibitions

BioDesign Challenge Digital Showcase, Digital, 2020

Mikrobia, Vega Scene, Oslo, 2019

Vitalist Materialism, HOP Projects, Folkestone, 2019

Viborg Animation Festival, Denmark, 2019

Forbes Agri-Tech Summit, Salinas, California, 2019

BioDesign: Here & Now, London Design Festival, Open Cell, 2018

Show 2018, Royal College of Art, London, 2018

Agri-Tech East, University of Cambridge, 2017

Hello Tomorrow, Centquare, Paris, 2017

BioDesign Summit, MoMA, New York, 2017

RCA BioDesign Challenge, White City Place, London, 2017

Open Senses, Multi Venue, London, 2017

48hrs in Lake District, Bethnal Green Crypt, London, 2017

STATE Festival of Emotion, Kühlhaus, Berlin, 2016

Lahyn, Solo Show, Quarter Horse, Oxford, 2014

Graft, Block Gallery, Bristol, 2013

Bristol Artist Book Event, Arnolfini, Bristol, 2013

Artist Book Fair, Spike Island, Bristol 2012



BioDesign Challenge, 2nd Prize, 2017

Bio Art & Design Award, shortlisted, 2017

Coats Foundation Trust, Arts Support, 2017

Oxfordshire Young Artist of the Year,  2014



Artist Exhibition Society with Sail Britain, Norfolk Broads, 2017

Kurt Schwitters Merz Barn, Lake District, 2017


Gallery Education / Project Involvement

Technical Art Assistant  Future of the Home, Elephant Gallery, London, 2019

Artistic Facilitator  Science Late: Elemental, Science Gallery, London, 2019

Artist Assistant  Royal Academy: Sensing Architecture, Walmer Yard, London, 2018

Organiser & Facilitator  Friction Artist & Writers Talks, Oxford, 2014–2017

Soup for 100, Foundling Museum, London, 2013–2016


Professional Appointments

Visiting Practitioner, University of the Arts, London, 2019–Present

Visiting Lecturer, Royal College of Art, London, 2018

Presenter, Animal Computer Interaction Conference, Milton Keynes, 2017


Publications / Mentions

Greg Orrom Swan, A Measure of Minerality, Clot Magazine, 2018

Future Technology, Farming Today, BBC Radio 4, 2018

Innovative exhibition tackles the future of food, SciArt Magazine, 2017

RCA Bio-design: Using Flies to Pollinate Fields Could Transform Agriculture, 2017



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